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Single-Use Bag Registration Application

On June 3, 2015, City Council voted to repeal Chapter 9C of the Dallas City Code (commonly known as the carryout bag ordinance). More Detail
Effective immediately, the City will no longer enforce this ordinance, which required businesses to register with the City to provide single use bags, specifications of bags that may be used, authorizing a $0.05 environmental fee and signage requirements. The City will begin notifying business establishments about the repeal of the ordinance.
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Tranportation for Hire Vehicle Inspection

Record vehicle inspections made as part of the city's Transportation for Hire program. More Detail

Chapter 47A (Transportation-for-Hire) of the City Code includes buses, limousines, shuttles, hailable vehicles (taxicabs), horse-drawn carriages, pedicabs and rideshare vehicles. Program activities include criminal history checks for drivers, third party vehicle inspections, verification of insurance coverage and field inspections.

In addition to supporting economic development, these services also impact mobility and safety in the City of Dallas.

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Rental Property Registration

Owners and operators will be able to register their single-family, multi-family, and condominium properties using this tool. More Detail